Where can you store safely your Webcoin(WEB) tokens?

webcoin wallet

Store safely your $WEB tokens on the following online & cold wallets:

✅ Ledger
✅ Mycrypto
✅ MyEtherWallet
✅ Metamask
✅ Coinpayments
✅ Trust Wallet
✅ Cipher

Learn more at https://webhits.io/token.html

About Webcoin(WEB):

Webcoin is a utility token and serves the purpose of a unified currency for buying and selling services within the Webhits.io platform. Social miners are monetarily rewarded for their time and effort liking, sharing and commenting on advertiser content.

About Webhits.io:

Webhits.io is an interest-based p2p web and social media service exchange platform. The platform’s mission is to provide tangible results, increase advertiser Return on Investment (ROI), and significantly lower the costs for website and social media engagement services globally.

A distinctive functionality trait of the platform is the innovative Social Mining feature that will fundamentally transform the relationship between advertising and cryptocurrency.

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