What Is Antshares? Why Antshares Jumped From $1.4 to $14 In Less Than A week?

Did you think you missed the boat when you didn’t buy Ethereum at $10? And you wish you can find another crypto that might give you 3000% gains in just few short months?

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Do you know anything about Antshares (ANS)? Well if you were paying attention, you will notice ANS jumped from Below $1.50 to the high of today to around $14 within 7 days.

So what is Antshares? Here is from their website

“Antshares blockchain–China’s first original public chain
As China’s first ever original and open source public chain project, Antshares serves as a smart assets platform. Smart assets are the combination of smart contract of blockchain and digital assets. Antshares allows for a smarter way for assets registration, issuance, and circulation.

Digital assets exist in the form of electronic data and with blockchain technology, digital assets becomes decentralized, trustless, traceable and highly transparent. Antshares underlying technology supports multiple types of digital assets and use digital certificate to enable trust for public chain, namely the assets issued by users via digital certificate are protected by law. On the other hand, for more complicated scenarios, users can use smart contract to enhance and enrich the functions of assets. Besides, users can also create smart contracts with other functions unrelated to assets.

Smart contract,a concept that was first initiated by Nick Sazbo in 1994, has a history as long as that of the Internet. According to Nick Szabo:Smart contract can execute contract clauses when the preprogramed conditions are met.It is blockchain technology, due to its decentralization, immutability and highly reliable system that provides the very environment for smart contract to embody its value.”

Some say ANS is the Ethereum of China. And I think I found out the reasons why the price of ANS popped like a rocket this week!

Here is a news link from China, translation is below each section…


In case you’re wondering where you can get some Antshares, ANS is currently trading on Bittrex.

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