Weekly Roundup – May 15-May 21

Bitcoin and Ether prices both hit historic all-time highs last week, with Bitcoin passing $2000 for the first time in its history and Ether surpassing $150 on Sunday. Bytecoin, one of the original anonymous cryptocurrencies, increased its price fivefold, becoming the 8th-largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

On May 17, Aragon raised $25 million in 15 minutes in its ICO. This is the 4th-largest ICO so far. Aragon also announced last week that they are partnering with Status, a company that develops user-facing smartphone apps.

Storj, the decentralized cloud storage company, announced a change in leadership on May 17. Shawn Wilkinson will be shifting his role from CEO to CTO, with the other three founders taking over the duties of CEO for now.

The first Ethereal Summit happened on May 19 in New York. Many of the talks can be watched here.

Litecoin developers revealed their roadmap for expansion. This comes after successful scaling changes and healthy price growth.

It was announced last week that the team behind Brave browser will launch a crowdsale for their ‘Basic Attention Token’ on May 31.

Canaan.io, best known for manufacturing Bitcoin mining hardware, announced on May 21 that they have bought Proof Of Existence, a company that stamps documents into the Bitcoin blockchain to notarize them.

Alza, the largest retailer in the Czech Republic, started accepting Bitcoin for payments, and put Bitcoin ATMs in its outlets in Prague and Bratislava.

Some of Ireland’s biggest banks are testing blockchain technology for domestic transfers.

Interest in blockchains as a technology to enable a smart grid continues. Consensys developer Alex Miller published an essay on the subject last week, and on Tuesday Singapore Power issued an announcement (available as a PDF here) that they are partnering with several global energy giants, including Royal Dutch Shell and Statoil, to explore implementing the technology.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.

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