Technology Disruptor to Move 2 Trillion USD to the Blockchain

ChainTrade to Revolutionize the Commodities Exchanges

Technology Disruptor to Move 2 Trillion USD to the Blockchain

ChainTrade ICO aims to be the leading technology disruptor in the worldwide trade of food and raw materials. Representing more than 2 trillion USD annually, ChainTrade will move these exchanges to the blockchain.

This move will decentralize the trade of futures and options known commonly as commodity derivatives, and allow anyone to participate in trading – both small and big players. ChainTrade will modernize the exchange of commodity derivatives, making transactions simple, cost-efficient, and fair. Current exchanges dictate requirements that present high barriers to entry for small investors. By utilizing the blockchain, Smart Contracts, and Artificial Intelligence, buyers and sellers will be able to trade any futures or options in the world, from anywhere, on one platform, with minimal fees. Artificial Intelligence will cover link analysis, data analysis, and pattern recognition to ensure KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering). “Today’s exchanges of food and raw materials are heavily centralized, charge high fees, and are exclusive to a few institutional investors, said Vincent Jacques, founder, and CEO of ChainTrade. “We will free this market thanks to the blockchain. Exchanges will be decentralized, accessible to everyone, and fees will be dramatically lower. It is time to bring competition to this
type of exchanges, open them to anyone who wants to be part of it and lower access costs.

The blockchain technology will allow us to do just that: revolutionize the world of commodity derivatives.” With an aim to complete 5 million transactions by the end of 2018, the ChainTrade platform will be based on the CTC token, an ERC20 compliant token. The Initial Token Sale is scheduled to run from 9th October 2017 to 31st December 2017 with a token price of 1 ETH for 1,000 CTC (i.e. 1 CTC = 0.001 ETH). The number of CTC tokens will be limited to 225,000,000 and will be distributed progressively over time. ChainTrade token holders will have the ability to operate as traders or insurers. Insurers guarantee each trade by providing insurance against the risk of default by the traders. Raising funds through the token sale will provide the required funds to launch and operate a scalable ChainTrade platform while giving investors a token that will be used to access and use the platform.

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