Spank Coin ICO

Spank Coin is a ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain that will give holders producer credits from videos on our site.

Name: Spank Coin
Symbol: (SPNK)
ICO token supply: 100,000,000
3,000 SPNK = 1 ETH
Opening date: Aug 15, 2017
Closing date: Oct 15 2017
25% bonus day 1, token bonus first 7 days

Spank Coin is a ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain that will give holders producer credits from videos on our site. The site is a youtube of the adult world in that any consenting and legal person can upload sexy videos. Couples, models, studios, adult performers can upload their amateur and professional videos and earn the highest rates in the industry based on the sales. They also get paid from streams for each view from our members. With the newly issued Spank Coin, you too will be able to join in the profits as a producer.

Most adult video sites take huge percentages from video sales:
Chaturbate: 50%
Manyvids: 40%
Pornhub: 50%
Cams4free: 50%
Spankstream: 25%

That is right, 15% is all we take. 75% goes right back to the performers which is HUGE! All you mathematicians out there are probably wondering where the remaining 10% goes. It goes right back to you, the Spank Coin token holders. Every quarter (monthly early next year) our token holders will get paid from this 10% pool a ‘producer’s credit.’ Sorry, just because you are listed as a producer doesn’t mean you get to be on set.

Unlike 99% of the ICO’s out there, we already have a working product. We have staff in place, and talented adult performers. We are also turning a small profit. But we aren’t Porn Hub yet and this bothers us. We are still considered a small niche site trying something new. We want that to change and the ICO will help us get there. Why should paying a fair wage to adult performers be a niche? This is something we are setting out to do.

We believe what we are doing is the best way for the adult industry to adapt to changes. Not only that, it is a fair business model for all involved. When you watch a movie or television show in re-runs, all the performers are getting paid royalties on top of what they earned for their original performance. Even television commercial actors and actresses now get royalties for their works, this includes internet ads too. The adult industry is still operating under the same business model from the 1970’s and we intend to bring it into the 2000’s starting with royalty streams for the performers.

To get your own Spank Coin, head over to and get your bonus tokens today!


  • Jason Rogue
  • Jasmine Sky


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