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Quarteria ico

Pillar # 1 – TEAM


1.CEO – Michael Misiti is recognized in the top 1% of ALL Real Estate Brokers in the United States.  As a former Rookie or the year and current Gold Award recipient in the industry, he is one of the premier luxury Brokers in New York City.  Michael also has been an active investor in Bitcoin since 2014.  See personal website here: www.StancoMisitiTeam.com

2. CFO – Matteo Cannavera is an employee of Morganstern Capital in New York City.  He is also an active investor in blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies for over 2 years.

3. CTO – Juan Ruiz is a blockchain coder on the Ethereum and NEO Blockchain.  He was a coder for the successful ICO Obsidian which sold out in 2017.

4.  Blockchain Advisor – Trevor Aron authored the Whitepaper and is a current programmer for FaceBook.  Trevor has helped in the coding on the Smart Contract and will assist in the architecture of the project.  Trevor is also a developer for Atana, a medical blockchain ICO due to come out in June.

5.  Blockchain Advisor – Justin Zheng was founder of Ardent United and was a core developer of WeTrust, two extremely successful ICO’s.  Justin is assisting in the overall development of the platform.

6.  Tyler Ward – Owner of ProofOfMarket.com, Tyler is heading the Marketing team.  He has been responsible for raising funds with ICO’s such as Orbis, Foarm, Pryze, Veridium, LeverJ, and others.

7.  Teddy Haggerty – Teddy is also assisting in Marketing and Development.  Teddy owns CryptoPros Blockchain Consultants, as well as Mining Dudes.  Teddy is quite simply the largest seller of Mining Equipment for Monero and ZCash in the United States.

8.  Matt Hunter – Matt Hunter was involved with REX, a Real Estate ICO in 2017. Owner of Blockchain Companies, a Crypto Fund.


Pillar #2 – IDEA


The Global Real Estate market is just under $220 Trillion.  It is the single largest asset class in the world.  Yet, it has barely been covered in the Crypto space.  The competition is weak, and they are all written on the Ethereum Blockchain.  We are the first Real Estate dAPP on NEO.  NEO scales much better with over 10,000 transactions per second.  Ethereum currently allows between 3-6 transactions per second.  The Real Estate industry, so massive in size, needs a scalable option for searches, transactions, and auctions, and we are now the first ever option.  We plan to grow within the ever expanding NEO Ecosystem, acting as its first Real Estate dAPP.


Quarteria serves two purposes; as a Real Estate Directory, cleaner in look and functionality than Zillow.  No paid spots by Brokers on other Sellers listings.  No Zestimates.  Just the Seller or Broker listing the property as the only point of contact, and no incorrect estimates of value, causing problems for any negotiation.

Secondly, Quarteria is a transaction escrow service.  The XQTA Token holds the deposit in escrow until the proper documents are uploaded (Contract, Financing, Title Clearance) on the NEO Blockchain.  Once that occurs, the funds are released.  Eventually, we will take payments for properties in multiple cryptocurrencies.  Lastly, we will support eBay style auctions for properties in real-time.  We are the most forward thinking project, and it is all because our founder and CEO is a successful NYC Real Estate Broker.


Pillar #3 – Execution


www.Quarteria.io shows our WhitePaper and business model.  It also has an ICON clickable to our MVP which shows interaction of our listing template.  This will be improved upon daily.  Also, our Smart Contract already has the code written within regarding our token, the XQTA’s use, which is to stake for the uploading of properties and to enter into transactions.  I can provide this code should you like to see it.  We plan for a full working listing directory this summer, 2018.


Pillar #4 – Legal


We have already applied the Howey Test with our legal consultants and can be viewed immediately on the Header of our Website, www.Quarteria.io

We have blocked US Investors from investing in the ICO token sale as well as have proper KYC, provided by ONFIDO in place.  We are of the most prepared and setup for regulatory issues compared to any ICO currently active in the marketplace.


Pillar #5 – Tokenization


In utilizing the NEO Blockchain, we have tokenized the XQTA as a mechanism to list properties and sell properties.  The Seller/Broker must stake XQTA when listing a property.  If the listing is fraudulent, duplicated, or without proper documentation that it is indeed the owner’s property, the listing will be taken and XQTA seized.  In all other cases the XQTA is returned to the “Lister” of the property.  When transacting, the XQTA is attached to the escrow deposit, and should a contract be broken, The QuartMasters determine the outcome of the Deposit, collecting the XQTA of either the Buyer or Seller.  See Here – https://quarteria.io/assets/whitepaper/english.pdf



Pillar #6 – ICO Structure


We have decided to implement a very realistic HardCap.  Our current HardCap is 164,000 NEO, or around $13,000,000.  Certainly on the lower side of what many ICO’s are asking for, and this was decided upon with much thought and strategy.  We can certainly build our platform comfortably within this amount.


Please see attached documents of Comparison to Competitors, Funds Raised, and Token Allocation.  Our Token Allocation in particular offers our 75% of our supply (73.5% in sales, 1.5% in AIRDROP which has just concluded)  The Core team will retain just 10% of the supply, vesting at 10% per month for 10 months.


Discounts are given in increments of 20% (Pre-Sale), 10% (Tier 1), 5% (Tier 2), and 0% (Tier 3).


Company: Quarteria
Symbol: XQTA
Token Supply: 100 million
Technology: Transactions on NEO Blockchain
ICO Coin Supply: 73,500,000
Tokensale opening date: 7 May 2018
Tokensale closing date: 22 June 2018
Total Public Allocation: 75,000,000 (1,500,000 Air Drop)
Hold Back Allocation: 25,000,000
ICO Value: 1 NEO= 417 XQTA
Purchase methods accepted: NEO, GAS, ETH


Pillar #7 – Price Drivers


With such a large asset class at play in Real Estate, we see more and more users slowly adapting to crypto and using the network.  Any user must hold XQTA.  As a Real Estate Broker with $100M worth of listings both on and off market, our CEO will  be listing all of his properties on the network immediately.  Furthermore, the platform has already been spoken of in circles at the National Association of Realtors and could be adopted within the main circles of Real Estate Brokerage houses within 12 months.  As our CEO and Community Manager, and Research Head are all members of NYC Real Estate, we have the best chance of our platform spreading quickly and gaining popularity.

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