Polybius Bank: Cryptocurrency followers invest in our project

According to the latest data, ICO of Polybius project that is highly discussed in the crypto community has collected more than 8500 bitcoins ($23 million). During the ICO campaign, we talked with Edgar Bers, the representative of the project, which should become a bank, data storage and a bridge between the banking industry and Internet service providers.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference: Hello. Did ICO live up to expectations? What goals were set?

Edgar Bers: At the moment, the ICO is in full swing (at the time of the interview, $12 million was collected – Ed.) and so far justifies our expectations. However, we see that the limit has not yet been reached, and we are working on it.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference: Specialized media writes that even before the launch of ICO, a number of companies have become your partners. Who invests in Polybius Bank?

Edgar Bers: A lot of cryptocurrency followers invest in our project, which is due to the choice of the fund-raising model. In addition, there are different companies throughout Europe and Russia, which have joined us privately. Local market leaders are also interested in our project, especially in the light of the recent events and our fees. The last to join us was Admiral Markets, one of the largest trading platforms in Europe, whose CEO was interested in cooperation with us.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference: Co-founders of Polybius Bank said that the traditional banking system does not understand you and blockchain startups. Why do ICO members ready to risk their money in such a case?

Edgar Bers: The question is not quite right. Being engaged in blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency industry in general, our company experienced difficulties in dealing with banks. There are already hundreds of such companies in the world, and they all want to be integrated with the world of fiat money. Our familiarity with the market and technologies, as well as rich history of successful products, means our reputation that gives confidence to the ICO participants.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference: Why should crypto startups come to you? What are the main problems that they can not solve without Polybius Bank?

Edgar Bers: Their problems begin right at the first step – account opening. Banks unawareness of the industry prevents them from making informed decisions, which leads to problems in cooperation, even where there should not be any.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference: What will you focus on after the end of ICO?

Edgar Bers: Right now we are working on attracting people who will work with us in the future. High-level specialists are the basis for the success of our company. In addition, we are attracting new partners and planning the next steps in terms of both technological development and corporate business strategy.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference: Do you need legislative regulation of cryptocurrency and blockchain? Do the laws (or their absence) interfere with your innovations?

Edgar Bers: Of course, the lack of rules and regulations results in some difficulties. Instead of making quick decisions and implementation, we have to check every step with the regulator’s opinion, constantly contacting it. But we are pleased that the local institutions are open to communication and trying to help us to do everything correctly.

Source: https://spb.blockchainconf.world/en/article/v-nas-vkladivayutsya-adepti-kriptovalyutnogo-mira-polybius-bank-69948 © St. Petersburg Blockchain Conference

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