Platincoin is a very ambitious project that aims to connect people all around the world. It will use very complex and new technologies that can make our lives easier.

Platincoin is not just another cryptocurrency, it is a network with very innovative technology behind it. It is academy, it is a crypto-market and a social network that connects it all. It is really a one-in-all package that all crypto enthusiasts were dreaming of.

It is really a potential digital hub that connects us not just through content but through value thanks to its blockchain technology with its own coin which is also called Platincoin. Users in the future will be able to exchange this coins for services that will be offered in the Platincoin network. It will be a truly magnificent communication tool where you can grow your network through the marketplace and its robust community which will get bigger very soon.

It is not really easy to explain what Platincoin is, because it is not just one thing it is a combination of things that makes Platincoin real. It uses several innovative technologies like Hybrid Blockchain, Offline Wallets and other similar technologies where it enables maximum security and usability for its users.

In Platincoin’s core lies the ultimate decentralized network. It will soon offer decentralized exchange functionality thanks to smart contracts that will be built on top of its blockchain. This will help lot businesses to do business without the need of trusting each other.

Therefore, the potential of Platincoin is really huge. Other decentralized functionalities are also going to be huge for Platincoin as it will rival big companies like Facebook and Twitter.



Hybrid Blockchain of Platincoin is one of the first implementations of such technology it not only offers maximum security for its users but also offers to essential technologies together which are named Proof of stake and Proof of mining. These technologies are inspired by the most popular cryptocurrencies of our times which are Bitcoin and Ethereum. So, it combines best technology together in a very unique that has been not done before.


Patented PLC Secure Wallet is another unique technology of the Platincoin in which the users can safely store their assets like Platincoin’s in this wallet. It offers a patented technology which secures the wallet in a next-level encryption so it has the best reliability in the sector. This wallet is also very light and fast compared to other coin wallets where users are generally asked to download the whole blockchain in order to do payments on the network.


Platincoin also offers a decentralized exchange where the assets that Platincoin supports can be traded on. The trading fees will be too low thanks to its decentralized functionality which makes it very reliable to use and very secure at the same time.

Wallet users can also make use of the offline wallet function where the users can make offline payments. This technology is one of a kind in this industry so we can expect that it will draw a lot of attention from other crypto enthusiasts.



Platincoin is truly one of the most secure cryptocurrency and network. Thanks to its ability combine great technology together with its product it remains to be an industry standard for cryptocurrency scene. Users can safely store their assets in the most secure wallets that has been created thanks to its technologies like Thin Wallet and PLC Secure Box.



Platincoin’s network will be one of most used social network once it launches. The reason for this is simple. It uses a blockchain for maximum security and privacy. Users can transact with each other really fast. You can add up to 100.000 friends in this social network. (Facebook only allows 1.000). You can use any device to access the network, be it a phone, table or PC.


You can earn money using the network. If others like and appreciate your content you will earn money! How great is that? You can even set up Business accounts to compliment your commercial needs.



The most important factor for a network is the community. Without there is no life in your network, it would not be a vibrant network without a good community. Knowing this Platincoin has made the best bird’s nest for a community growth for its new users. Users will be incentivized to use the product through various ways and they will be rewarded for their hard work. People tend to stay where quality is rewarded and appreciated so we will see the best of human race in this community!


Final Words

This is one of the most important projects that everyone needs to closely follow. Most importantly investors and early adopters should be looking out for the latest developments to make sure to jump right in when Platincoin’s products launch soon. Investors are poised to have a really good return of investment. This project should not just going to change the way we connect and do business but also change most aspects our lives to make it much better.

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