Õpet Foundation ICO at Glance

Bringing AI, Chatbot and Blockchain Technologies to Enable the Equality of Opportunities through Education

opet foundation
Start Date:  30 May 2018
End Date:  30 Sep 2018
Token symbol:  OPET
Blockchain:  Ethereum
Token Price:  1ETH = 500 OPET
Soft Cap:  20,000 ETH
Hard Cap:  60,000 ETH

About Õpet

Brief Summary

Bringing AI, Chatbot and Blockchain technologies to the realm of education. Seeking to advance the vision of Education-Inclusion and addressing the income/class divide by enabling equality of opportunities through education via disruptive technologies.

Blockchain Use

1a) Main Problem – Cumbersome, inefficient and opaque tertiary admission process (solved with a distributed ledger with one true source of student records, tamper free and accurate. Imagine a smooth process where applicants just have to provide a private unique hash via the college’s online form)
1b) Growing income/class divide as rich families can afford expensive private tuitions for the very same National examinations that lesser privileged households cannot afford (Solved by deploying our proprietary AI chatbot to deliver an affordable (1/10 to 1/20 price of existing private tuition) digital companion for effective revision)
1c) Students’ confusion as to what to do after secondary school, limited by options they don’t even know exist (solved by utilizing our chatbot to collect college admission data stored on blockchain and our backend Adaptive recommendation system to recommend best global university and courses of study to user)

Crypto/Token Economics
Cryptoeconomics is interesting as the network incentive pool will be used to incentivize the participating institutions to help verify records submitted by students ensuring veracity and to incentivize community to assist in curating relevant curriculum content from all online sources to enrich upper secondary learning experiences. (Eg rewarded with tokens for submitting exam revision notes or curated YouTube videos or social media content relevant to requisite curriculum)

OPET Token Five Factor Analysis

Token Economics

Demand for Õpet’s digital offerings can be a key driver for OPET.  Multiple use cases in a carefully and deliberately-designed open-loop network/ blockchain utilization drives further OPET use cases such as tertiary institutions buying access into the ledger could take this value much higher.

Platform Potential

We view Õpet’s educational chatbot platform as a game-changing formula that puts it ahead of known competitors; primarily because of the unique combination of underlying technologies it has chosen (Artificial Intelligence + Hyperledger Fabric), which meets the objectives of the solution they are creating and should be scalable and easily adapted to any education curriculum and geography.


Õpet boasts a strong management team with a board of advisers composed of several significant industry players. Õpet’s top 3 management and key executives collectively have over 40 years of experience in frontier and innovative technology solutions development, as well as commerce and finance. ​

Community Support

Õpet has successfully garnered a significant online following over numerous platforms including Telegram, Reddit and Slack since the launch of its viral marketing campaigns in May 2018. It currently holds the record as the largest Telegram blockchain group ever to exist, with more than 93,000 subscribers as of the date of this report.

Market Potential

The education industry is a large, evergreen market worth USD6 trillion, and growing at high single digit rates. Although the industry is severely under-digitalized at present (only 2% of the market is digitalized), we expect significant growth toward digitalization, fueled by overall education industry growth, as well as a large unmet demand for A) cost-efficient, intelligent education aids against today’s backdrop of rising education costs; and B) secure, tamper-proof systems for the management of confidential student data and information.

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