Lucyd ICO(Initial Coin Offering)

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Symbol: LCD
Supply: 100mln (50mln available during sale) ERC20 tokens
Team allocation: 10mln (frozen for 12 months from sale end)
Reserve allocation: 10%
Partners and Bounty allocation: 30%
ICO value: 1 ETH=1280 LCD (cash accepted via paypal at rate of $.25=1 LCD)
Initial LCD price after ICO: ~$.25 US
Purchase Methods: ETH, Paypal USD, BTC and cash wire via upcoming Lucyd wallet.
Token sale begins: Oct. 31, 2017
Token sale ends: Nov. 30, 2017

Lucyd is designing next-gen augmented reality (AR) smartglasses, and a blockchain-based AR app ecosystem to support them. Lucyd Lens will superimpose computer graphics and text on top of your natural vision, to make just about any task or computing function easy, comfortable and seamlessly integrated with real life. Lucyd technology enables user-friendly AR in a fluid, plug-and-play fashion, making the AR revolution accessible for everyone. The addition of an Ethereum-powered AR app ecosystem to our already powerful smartglass tech will create a next-level AR experience. Lucyd is going to make it so anyone can easily develop, share, monetize and experience AR-native content, all within the smartglass itself. Lucyd’s main goal is to decentralize the AR movement with Lucyd Lens and the Lucyd Lab blockchain. The purpose of the LCD crowdfund is to get us to our first hardware prototype.


Lucyd Lens will have a number of first-ever features in wearable AR displays:

  1. First to miniaturize the optics for compact, lightweight projection in see-through head-mounted display for AR applications.
  2. First full integration of eye tracking with micro-illuminators in smartglasses.
  3. First integration of occlusion support in smartglasses, which enables cooperative virtual objects that meld smoothly with the real word.
  4. First freeform design methodology for off-axis, non-rotationally symmetric geometries that can enable custom designs including small eyeglass formats and compatibility with corrective lenses.
  5. First integration of high spatial resolution microdisplays with low light loss, incorporating transparent, retro-reflective lenses.
  6. First smartglasses with adjustable narrow-to-wide (up to 120°) enhanced field of view with variable spatial resolutions. This supports both real-world and in-Lens focal point interfaces, which are needed for max functionality.
  7. First smartglasses that look and feel like normal glasses, with an AR interface that can be instantly engaged and disengaged for comfortable all-day wear.
  8. No buttons, switches or wires for a truly next-gen experience.
  9. Foundational integration of an AR app blockchain to make it easy for anyone to develop, share and experience Lucyd-native content.


​Lucyd’s 13 patents have been scientifically evaluated by Dr. Mike Kayat, a Lucyd scientist and optics expert with 20 years of experience in commercializing optical-mechanical products. You can view this evaluation here on the Lucyd blog.
Lucyd’s patents were developed over years of well-funded research at the College of Optics and Photonics at UCF. The lead inventor behind Lucyd patents, Dr. Jannick Rolland, is on hand as a Lucyd advisor, overseeing the optical system development. All in all, Lucyd tech is proven to enable next-gen smartglasses—we are just crowdfunding to get to a prototype, and to get our mission of decentralized AR to the public.


​10 million LCD tokens have been created, and will never be reissued.
Half are available during the crowdsale, with the other half split over the team, fueling the blockchain, and boosting business development. No further LCD will be minted, but Lucyd plans to issue LCD to the user and developer community during the normal operation of Lucyd Lens, as well as regularly uptake LCD from the community in exchange for AR products, as well as by collecting network, app store, and in-Lens P2P transaction fees in LCD.

Token usage

​The LCD token is the building block of the Lucyd AR world. During the token sale, it lets anyone participate in helping to fund Lucyd’s hardware development, and reserve a limited beta Lucyd Lens, which will be released in well in advance of the production model.
Lucyd is optimistic that the value of the LCD token will increase, as interest surrounding Lucyd increases as they get closer to a functional AR display.
Finally, during normal course of business for Lucyd, LCD will power a blockchain ecosystem that will be the content feed for the smartglasses. It will enable instant P2P transactions among Lens wearers, reward developers based on community impact of their contributions, and be used for instant content purchases, all in-Lens. Essentially, LCD will represent real-world value in the AR world, untethering the user experience from existing financial systems, and allowing for lightning-fast transactions among Lens users.


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