Is gatehub a Scam ?!

I had ETH on my Gatehub Acc, and want to send some to another wallet.
0.4271 and 1.0261 ETHbut i dont get themthe Hash says its cancled out of gas.But i dont get them back to my gatehub wallet
TXHash 62A8B129CBFF2D4C37A9B32D2230EE0D3FB5AA532996966BFA70C97769576942TXHash 21F4641E1190A5B8C2B3EC62B394A1B28E52FC656B0C88FA94270DAD285E1EA9
both send to0xe36012b98a15dab8d9acca969f69911cf3f196dcSupport didnt answer since a few days… I think money is gone…

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