ICOBay Group Announces the Launch of IBT token & Trade on DDEX Exchange

The ICOBay network consists of 54 ICO directory platforms and over 1,000 social media pages and groups spread on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, StumbleUpon and Google+.

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ICOBay directories & network help:

– ICOs(Initial Coin Offerings) to effectively promote their projects on the web and on social media channels.

– Marketing agencies, blockchain companies and ICOs to distribute their Press Releases on the web and to over 1,000 social media pages & groups.

– Traders/Investors to get an independent 3rd party opinion about a specific ICO through our thorough rating system.

IBT token is an ERC-20 utility token. IBT token will be used to buy services within the ICOBay group of sites.

The IBT token is currently available for trade against ETH on DDEX.io at https://ddex.io/trade/IBT-ETH

A full list of the ICOBay network of ICO directories:

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