HeyBeWell ICO at Glance

HeyBeWell ICO

HeyBeWell ICO

C​oin/token name:  HeyBeWell
Symbol: HEY
Technology:  Ethereum
Token supply: 360.000.000
Private sale:
From 15.7.2018: 30% additional bonus, minimum 25 ETH
ICO token sale from 15.9.2018: 1HEY = 0.0002 ETH
Accepted coins for ICO: ETH
Start date Private Investment: 15/07/2018
End date Private round: 15/09/2018
Start date ICO: 15/09/2018 12:00 CET
End date ICO: 30/09/2018 12:00 CET
Softcap: 3600 ETH
HardCap: 36000 ETH

Hey, Be Well! is designed with a single purpose: to get you to accomplish your wellbeing goals with the help of Specialists and Suppliers. It integrates and connects all dimensions of wellbeing, facilitating a holistic approach to health, by empowering users to choose from a wide array of health goals from physical, to psychological, social or spiritual. We believe that nutrition, mental health, fitness, sleeping patterns, mindfulness, spirituality and personal fulfilment play a significant role in our overall health.
A person’s well-being should not be solely defined by their biological health. As a User, you can choose your goal, stake tokens and gain access Hey, Be Well!’s Goal-focused community, overview your goal progress and data, connect with specialists and suppliers and receive all the support and resources you need in order to accomplish your wellbeing goals.

Why HeyBeWell is worth investing in:

A platform that helps you set health goals and accomplish them with the help of Specialists and Suppliers. Hey, Be Well! is heavily gamified, which makes it fun to engage with. It also has a strong blockchain component, which benefits all Key Players, because now they interact in a fair and transparent environment.

HeyBeWell ICO

Upon creating an account, any one of Hey, Be Well!’s Key Players will begin a gamified onboarding process, that will familiarize them with the platform, encourage them to set up their profile and provide relevant information, such as their wellbeing interests. For each action, they will be rewarded a small amount of HEY tokens. This reward has a double purpose: to encourage them to carry on with the Onboarding process and to make sure that they begin their in-platform experience with the tokens required to unlock Goals and other features that are token dependent.

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