FLUXORIN, a decentralized system for the publication and consumption of music, which combines a cutting-edge crypto currency and provides with a very important mission to unlock the potential of human creativity by giving millions of artistes the opportunity to live off their art and billions of fans the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by it.

FLUXORIN allows musicians to license their content as a “programmed contract” directly to a decentralized database called “blockchain”. These contracts automate the collection and distribution of royalty payments and remain in the control of the artists themselves. Listeners can access a global catalogue of music stored on a network and pay artists directly using OUR digital currency, based on their usages.

​Ease-of-use tools can be designed to allow a seamless experience for both listeners and musicians, and an open protocol will allow third-parties to build a rich ecosystem of value-added software and services. By providing a distributed and highly transparent platform that connects musicians and listeners directly, FLUXORIN lays the groundwork for a new age of music that is sustainable, borderless, and fair to all stakeholders.

Here at FLUXORIN we envision a future where artists cross genres and cultural boundaries, creating ideas that propel the society forward, where fans can discover something they never would have otherwise, where we are all part of a global network, building new connections, sharing new ideas across cultures.

Token Name: The Flux Token

Token Sym: TFT

Total Supply: 702,000,000

Platform: ERC-20

Token Type: Utility Token

Total Available for Sale: 372,000,000


  • Pre-sale: 0.2$/TFT
  • Main sale: 0.35$/TFT

Token sale starts: June 4

Tokensale ends: August 27

Minimum purchase:

  • 1000$ ETH – Presale
  • 150$ ETH – Main sale

Why FLUXORIN ICO is worth investing in?

FLUXORIN is raising funds for its technical development, community engagement and participant outreach through the sale of The Flux Token. The Flux Token is the key element of the FLUXORIN network with which the labels, the artists, band member and every other entity involved in creative process will be rewarded which may be exchanged with other altcoin or for fiat at the exchanges. The listeners will be able to purchase music with VBT as well as buy ticket to musical concerts or shows or tours on the VERBERDIN network getting it from the exchanges or local vendor (holders).

FLUXORIN is not only designed for a new paradigm shift, but also offering a great opportunity for larger stakeholder groups. Big labels may have to adapt, but they can benefit from this platform because the whole market scale can be enlarged, they can work once and harvest forever and worldwide. They can put their copyrighted content onto FLUXORIN blockchain and keep enjoying the up scaled consumption

Start-ups can build more innovative technologies and services upon FLUXORIN system to meet diversified demands from the network; Hardware makers can create tangible and wearable smart gadgets to extend the glory of musical devices in our cultural legacy


Today, with FLUXORIN, we can definitely change this. Musicians will make money and 100% income will go to their own wallet. In an age of turbulence, we can also expect paradigm shifting. The changes rely on everyone to participate. We’d call all musicians and their appreciators to join this great transition to make music more meaningful to our life.


Use of DLA which helps in the distribution & Use of P2P file sharing and delivery networks.


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