Exploring The Never Before Imagined Crypto Boundaries with TAP Coin

Exploring The Never Before Imagined Crypto Boundaries with TAP Coin

Undoubtedly, our most recent triumph is blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Since its advent in 2009, blockchain has become so influential that the entire traditional financial model has needed to look at itself and consider where it stands in the 21st Century. Cryptocurrencies, through blockchain systems, have shown us many advantages but most notably, the opportunity to transmit funds anywhere in the world at a reduced rate, using a decentralised network.

The innovation of cryptocurrency and the blockchain network has led to an investment boom, as industries from every corner of the world start to see the benefits of blockchain technology. One of the industries in question is advertising. Apps are becoming the trendy tool for consumers, especially millennials, to surf the internet. In this new area, apps are now the primary avenue for communication and advertisement. The advantages of blockchain integrated apps that incorporate advertising are numerous. First of all, they provide a safe and secure base, which protects and stores consumer data along with transactions made. Hooch, an app giving its customers privileged experiences every day, for instance, has made use of blockchain to create better opportunities for consumers and partnering brands alike. Hooch uses TAP Coin, a cryptocurrency, as part of its app to reward users, giving them real life benefits from something that was barely known about by the average consumer a few years ago.

A more detailed look at Hooch and TAP Coin

Hooch is expanding the boundaries of the crypto world with its TAP Coin. TAP Coin has a fairly straightforward approach and an immense advantage – you don’t need to be an expert in the crypto world to understand how it works. Downloading the Hooch app comes with an in-built TAP wallet, the good news being that you don’t need to transfer any cryptocurrency or fiat to the wallet – just connect your credit card to the app and go about your normal spending. Day and night you can purchase anything at any of Hooch’s 100,000+ verified locations which are present in more than 10 major cities around the globe, and watch your benefits kick in. This goes way beyond the norm expected from digital currencies and applications.

When you spend money at any of Hooch’s partner locations, 5-10% goes back to you as TAP Coin. This can then be used on restaurant meals, drinks, events, resorts and many other experiences, all at discounted rates. Recently, TAP Coin embarked on a new mission, expanding further into hospitality and travel, while integrating the ability to pay for hotels with Ethereum (ETH). This is a pioneering move that stretches the crypto boundaries, creating a gateway to sublime experiences.

Closer interaction between people and advertisers

Exploring The Never Before Imagined Crypto Boundaries with TAP Coin

​TAP Coin has ensured that the experiences it offers close the gap that has existed for
years between clients and brands as it grants consumers the opportunity to handle
their own data. Brands can access consumer data via smart contracts but only with
permission from the app user. Brands can better understand what consumers like,
draw the attention of new consumers through the customisation of messages, and
reward their loyal consumers with information tailored to the desires or needs of the
person they are interacting with.
It means consumers can finally have some agency and seek benefits from their data as
brands reward them based on their purchase history and demographics, without the
need for middle men publishers who don’t have any concerns over where your personal
information goes. This completely changes the way brands interact, advertise and
reward consumers. Over the years, advertising has been working through new
mediums, such as display or pop up ads, which are not only annoying for the user, but
also inefficient for the advertisers. Consumers have unfortunately become used to not
having a say on where and when they encounter ads when using social media.
This has led to a lack of engagement on the part of consumers and sees brands
spending billions and billions to get messages across but with little or no effective
conversion at the end of the day. This approach by TAP Coin that enables consumers to
gain control of their data and share it with the brand of their choice is already changing
the advertising landscape as it leads to:
● More efficient spending
● A loyal relationship between brands and consumers
● The development of a more precise & accountable campaign metric
More than ever it seems that the younger generation prefer the comfort of their
phones to real world experiences. Certainly from time to time people yearn for
enriching experiences, but they are usually quite pricey. TAP Coin by Hooch seeks to
turn those desires into reality at the best possible rates, providing wonderful
experiences while partnering with brands.
Hooch is the first ever subscription hospitality app to offer dazzling experiences and
real benefits to millennials. Hooch saw the need to further diversify this landscape, not
limiting it to solely a ‘drinks’ experience but offering a variety of services. This has led
to the creation of Hooch Black, an elite app that brings all the best experiences and
rewards together in one convenient place.The introduction of TAP Coin, the new digital token from Hooch, works in line with
Hooch Black to create those realities as members can now experience incredible rates
on concerts (VIP), festivals, restaurants, travels and top class hotels (with up to 60%
better rates) all around the world.
So, why do people invest in Hooch?
● It unites ordinary people and brands
● It rewards people for seeing the ads they want. Sounds great, doesn’t it?
● It eliminates the need for middlemen, therefore, it saves hundreds of dollars.
● It takes away the possibility of marketers misspending or going over budget.
Blockchain technology makes it possible to avoid all bots and reduce ad
wastage. We can make sure that the promotion is shown to real people who are
interested in seeing this particular ad, and not to bots.)
● It offers a fun and rewarding experience. Therefore, the more we see the
possibilities of TAP Coin in our day to day life experiences, the more we want to
keep exploring the never before imagined crypto world.
Do you know there is a community of people who share the same passion and
enthusiasm as you for glorious experiences? You can connect with them today on
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