EarthCycle Coin ICO at Glance

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  • Coin/token name and Symbol:EarthCycle Coin ECE
  • Coin/token description:
    EarthCycle Coins are the fuel of a decentralized resource pool purposed to fund businesses that utilize leading edge physical technologies to solve mass-scale problems on Planet Earth.
  • Currently estimated projections based on EC Business profit history and historical market data indicate that EarthCycle Coin will increase in value more than 100 times in the next 20 years. Explore our whitepaper for more information on these estimations.

How it works

All profits from EarthCycle’s Coin launch are being invested into positive change green businesses with 30–100%+ annual investment return.

A majority of profits from facilities funded by EarthCycle Coin funds are returned to the EarthCycle Center Pool, to be redistributed to additional businesses, as decided by holders of EarthCycle Coin on the EC Coin voting platform.

20% of received profit revenues from EC funded businesses will be used to buy and burn EC Coin.

All EC funded businesses will offer a 10% discount on products and services when the EC Coin is used.

These mechanisms will continuously increase the trade value of EC Coin, without speculation, by consistently reducing the supply of the coin while increasing the demand.


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