Dominium ITO at Glance

Dominium is putting property on the blockchain! 

C​oin/token name:  Dominium Token
Symbol: DOM
Technology:  Ardor childchain
Token supply: 1,000,000,000
Pre-ITO token price, from 1.7.2018: €0.05
ITO token price from 3.9.2018:

  • €0.10 up to 125,000,000 tokens sold
  • €0.15 up to 250,000,000 tokens sold
  • €0.20 up to 375,000,000 tokens sold
  • €0.25 up to 500,000,000 tokens sold

Accepted coins for ITO:

A global property platform designed to add transparency and functionality to a multi trillion euro industry using blockchain technology.  Activities on the Dominium platform are charged in Euros but must be paid for using DOM utility tokens.  The Dominium airdrop is now live, and the Initial Token Offering (ITO) will be opened on the 3rd September 2018.  Pre-ITO subscriptions are also now being accepted.  Please see website, pitch deck or white paper for details of the token buyback and burn programs, which will diminish the amount and stabilise the value of the DOM token. ​

Additional ITO information

​Start date PRE-ITO whitelist 01/07/2018
End date PRE-ITO 03/09/2018 or when it is completedStart date ITO 03/09/2018 12:00 CET
End date ITO 31/12/2018 12:00 CET

Softcap PRE-ITO €500,000
Hardcap PRE-ITO €5,000,000
Softcap ITO not applicable
Hardcap ITO €87,500,000

Why Dominium ITO is worth investing in:

Dominium is more than just a concept, it is an existing platform with tens of thousands of users from over 140 countries.  Self-funded by real estate experts, blockchain professionals and compliance specialists, the platform is being developed by industry professionals to create a real-world business use for blockchain technology.  The founders have committed to the transfer of several million euros worth of property assets to Dominium.

The platform aims to bring clarity, ease and transparency to the global property industry by providing affordable tools and services to users.  In an aim to solve some long-standing problems within the global real estate industry, these are but a few examples of Dominium’s unique features.  The platform will allow:

  • Companies to set up a property fund using affordable, standardised legal documentation
  • Investors to purchase a property asset from as little as $1, €1 etc.
  • Users to register property transactions on the blockchain
  • Users to sell or buy a property without a middle man and for very low fees

Meet the team

  • Sven Thomas Munte MSC [Chairman]
  • Mark Lloyd [Managing Director]
  • Marco Reimann MSC [Finance Director]
  • Esther Dekker [Property Director]
  • Jacco Van Herwaarden [Compliance Advisor]
  • Maarten Dirks MSC [Blockchain Advisor]
  • Paula Ruffell MSC [Legal Advisor]
  • Gudo Thijsssen [Marketing Advisor]
  • Joost de Kruiff [Blockchain Advisor]
  • Jurian Van Groenendaal [Legal Advisor Netherlands]
  • Nine Bennink [Legal Advisor]
  • Andres Campo [Marketing Advisor]

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