Cryptfunder ICO at Glance

Token: CFND
Blockchain: Ethereum
Price: 1 ETH = 333 CFND
Crowdsale coin supply: 20,000,000
Total coin supply: 40,000,000
Tokensale starts: May 25, 2018
Tokensale ends: July 08, 2018

What is Cryptofunder?

Cryptfunder is a decentralized funding source for the startup ICOs and other blockchain companies. We will filter out the best blockchain candidates deploying expert analysts to identify the projects with the greatest potential and fund these projects.

These disruptive startups will be chosen based on their potential market value, quality of their team and the real world application of their technology. Cryptfunder will find inspiring and disruptive startup ICOs including blockchain companies in various stages of development. Target those startups and other companies that break the established mold and thus present opportunities to achieve stratospheric results for Cryptfunder and its’ token holders.

Enable funding applicants to easily apply online through a comprehensive, multi-part application process, secure data entry and upload capabilities, and save and return functionality. Streamline the funding application process through the Cryptfunder application portal and other modules.

Cryptfunder’s goal is to become a household name in the crypto-space for funding and seed capital for startups. Our CFND token presents an opportunity for participants to take part in multiple ICO offering through Cryptfunder and its’ funded startups.

Meet the team

Robert Laguna

Kevin Sarisky CEO

Robert Laguna Operations

Micahel Hadzipanajotis Finance

Ronald Aai Technology

Santosh Singh Blockchain / Full Stack

Rahul Bhatnagar UX/UI

Warren Whitlock Marketing

Sumit Kumar Pradhan Community Manager

Conor Maloney Copyrighting

Hakar Youssef Sulaiman Graphic Design

Meet the advisers

Nathan Christian Business Dev. & Strategy Adviser

Ismail Malik Marketing & PR Adviser

Illia Pashkov Blockchain / Full Stack Adviser

Giannis Stathapoulos Exchange / Post ICO Adviser

Brennan Bennett Fintech Strategy Adviser

Sean Brizendine Security & Risk Adviser

Debra McCann Social Media Adviser

Aleksi Mäkinen Investment Strategy Adviser

Alex Kosik Entrepreneur-in-Residence Adviser

Ron Ribitzky Technology & Healthcare Segment Strategy Advisor


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