CopPay ICO(initial Coin Offering)

Multicryptocurrency payment platform for business, consumers & community.

  • Project name: CopPay
  • Token name and ticker symbol: COP
  • ICO price of token: 1ETH = 19000 COP
  • Used blockchain: Ethereum
  • One line catch phrase: CRYPTOFYING YOUR BUSINESS
  • Incorporated company’s country: Lithuania
  • Website link:
  • Token sale start date and time(UTC): 16.10.2017 12.00 PM (UTC time)
  • Token sale end date and time (UTC): 16.11.2017 12.00 PM (UTC time)

Total supply of token: 2 325 000 000 COP

How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing project?

​First of all, CopPay brings practical and already working solutions to the payment industry enabling customers to pay with their cryptocurrency without any fees. Moreover, it gives merchant the option to receive payments both with cryptocurrencies and FIAT. API adapts to the local legislative and taxation requirements and ensures fast, secure and legally compliant transactions. This facilitates development of crypto economy and brings it to the mainstream usage.
CopPay greatly differs from the competing projects – working payment terminals are already installed in 2 countries (Belorussia and Chili) and 3 more countries are on the list. CopPay provides the beta version of the product and has an actual customer base, it is much more than just a White Paper.

Meet the team

Coppay Team

Coppay Team

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