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Webcoin (WEB): Pioneers of Global Marketing Digitalization

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TYPE: ERC20 Token
CREATION DATE: September, 2017
CURRENT SUPPLY: 32,447,386
TOTAL SUPPLY: 70,000,000

How Does it Work?

Webcoin is an innovative ERC20 token built on the Ethereum Blockchain, used for peer-to-peer web and social media exchange services within the platform. The concept of Webcoin was first conceived in 2014 and is now preparing for its next step into global expansion. Webcoin has been designed with the digital marketing space in mind, with the goal of integrating all viral social media networks into one interest-based peer-to-peer social media and web exchange platform called Webhits. The goal is to make digital marketing more affordable for businesses and make social media more profitable for freelancers and influencers. We are happy to bring Webcoin (WEB) payment processing to our platform to encourage this innovation in the digital marketing space.

Webcoin is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum Blockchain and provides its users with a dashboard to participate in the platform, where users control their activities depending on whether they are a social miner, advertiser, or trader. Each of the three types of user does different things to gain value out of the system.

The social miners link their social media accounts to the platform and by doing so can begin earning Webcoins through their activity on their social media accounts. The more accounts that are linked, the more potential for earning Webcoins on the platform.

Advertisers gain a low-cost channel to promote their business with a reach that can exceed traditional digital advertising streams like Google, Facebook or Instagram. By configuring the parameters of the promotion, you wish to do, you can more accurately advertise to the markets you wish to target with the keywords and promotional content you wish to include.

Traders with Webcoin can withdraw their tokens from their account and trade them on major crypto exchanges. It’s easy and fast once you have earned them through mining.

Why Choose Webcoin?

Webcoin has been developed for the forward-thinking digital marketer, or someone who wants to see some monetary returns on their various social media accounts. The Webcoin and platform combine to make a valuable ecosystem where freelancers, small businesses or individuals can gain more from their marketing and reach an audience that was impossible to do so before. Use Webcoin to:

  • open the possibility of generating revenue through your own social media profiles
  • increase ROI as an affiliate marketer
  • increase social media engagement as a small business or marketing agency
  • expand the number of web and social media services offered as a freelancer or reseller

For more information about our Webcoin integration or to learn about automated Webcoin (WEB) payments, feel free to contact


The WEB token is currently traded on the following exchanges:


Link to the official announcement from Coinpayments:

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