Blockchain, ICO, marine robbers?

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August 28 this year, an event, that could turn the gaming industry, started: an ICO (Initial Coin Offering, in other words, the primary release of a crypto currency designed to fulfill the function of internal game money) of the most ambitious game project from Russian indie developers!
​At the moment, several hundred crypto-currency coins, created at different times and for different purposes (the most famous ones – Bitcoin, Etherium) turn around on the open market.

Of these, about a dozen are coins, one way or another related to games, for example:

  • Nexium (, a coin for the game Beyond the Void, currently has a market capitalization of more than 17 million dollars (with the collection of nine months ago under ICO 1 million!), Or
  • Rustbits (, a coin for the visual novel SpacePirate, collected in the ICO (1,5 month ago) about 400 thousand dollars, and at the peak of the price had a capitalization of 3 million dollars!

But, anyway – none of the coins available or planned for release does not set a goal to create a full-fledged inside gaming economic system. In addition to the coin, about which we conduct this conversation.
Ludum tokens (LDM, from Latin “Gaming”) are a combination of in-game currency (for internal purchases and settlements between players) and a full payment means freely traded on crypto-exchanges. That is, player can sell any in game earned coins on the stock exchange, even not related to the game (from the largest: Poloniex or Bittrex and ending with a hundred smaller ones). How so?
Most games that produce in-game currency very strictly control its turnover, believing that uncontrolled movements of “money” harm the profitability of their enterprise. In the old system of coordinates, this is the case: if one of the players (or a hacker) sells unaccounted millions of internal gold, it can undermine the economy of the affected game, because why buy gold from developers, if you can buy cheaper from someone else?).

The game, which combines the most modern Blockchain technology, the economic system built on its basis (where each game object has its place and nothing can appear from the air) and possesses the freely convertible in-game currency called LDM, is free from the drawbacks of the games of the previous generation, for hacking which you can use any existing cheat, or not very difficult to write special software. In the case of, it’s not enough to be a good programmer to penetrate the holy of holies of any game – program code, you still need to be a high-level expert in the field of Blockchain-technologies, which at the moment are several orders of magnitude smaller than “ordinary” programmers.
What kind of game is this and why does it pretend to accomplish the revolution? is Massive Multiplayer Online Game, a hardcore survival simulator in the 17th century (and piracy is just one of the facets of the gameplay). The main features of the game: a detailed game world, the logic of events, the development of the intellect of non-player characters (NPC) and … a unique economic system built on the basis of a full-fledged crypto currency.
Any player has the opportunity not only to interestingly spend time solving vital issues of the character’s survival, but also in the process of this survival, to earn money that can be freely spent outside the game (where else have you seen that game gold could be exchanged for, say, pizza? ?). Now the time spent on the game will not cause discontent of the parents, and the bearded player can build a successful business inside the game and earn not by routine in the office, but by what he likes most – by playing!
The game economy is built on the basis of production contracts, produced by developers to fill in the in-game store. Do you need a merchant ship? It’s easy, only you yourself will need to build it, hand it over to the game store and then buy it. And as a reward for the construction – you get so many coins for which you can feed your very real offline family, or you can get the goods produced by you cheaper than the amount of the fee you received for the production.
And all this becomes possible already, when the ICO of started, within which the starting capitalization of the in-game currency is formed. And any investor acquiring coins within the ICO can freely change the hypostasis from the investor to the player and back to the investor, helping the gaming universe to grow, develop and break the established stereotypes. Day by day.
It looks like a paradox, but the future is already here. It starts with Blockchain, continues to make money, by playing game, and, ultimately, leads you to the counter of the store where you spend the money earned in the game for your daily needs.

Additional materials: – website – detailed information for investors on terms of participation in ICO – Whitepaper, revealing all the details of the formation of the game universe and the business model of the game based on Blockchain
Den Semenov, CEO and game designer of
On current issues, you can contact me at any time:

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