Bitether (BTR) — peer to peer decentralized digital crypto token made on Bitcoin Blockchain via Counter Party Proof of Work (PoW) Protocol

“MAK International is the founder of Bitether (BTR)” MAK International is the Crypto Currency Education Training and Trading Company actively working in the Crypto Industry since 2013.

– MAK International is associated with Real Estate Development Industry Too. ​​

– The company already conducted 100+ seminars and presentations on Crypto Currency and Blockchain Technology.


  • Take Bitether (BTR) into the list of top traded crypto currencies in the world till 2020.
  • Make Bitether (BTR) most valuable crypto currency in term of market capitalization.


  • Make Bitether (BTR) an incredible Payment gateway for online and offline users till 2025.
  • Enter into maximum countries of the world as most trusted platform for financial transactions.

BTR’s Unique Features:

  • Token Distribution (First Ever in Crypto world with Premined coins)
  • ICO Phases & Bonus
  • Listing of BTR
  • Crypto Mutual Fund Concept (Fund Utilization) {Innovated and adopted First Ever in Crypto World}
  • Quarterly Dividend Policy
  • Redemption online and offline Options

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