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Decentralized Marketplace for Diamonds

Argyle Coin

​Token Symbol/Ticker *
Blockchain the token is made on *
ICO dates *
PreICO August 27th 2018 – Sept 16th 2018 | ICO: Sept 17th 2018 – Nov 10th 2018
Token price *
1 RGL = 10 USD
Soft and Hard Caps *
Soft Cap 15,000,000 USD Hardcap 30,000,000 USD

Diamonds are global in terms of an active, wealthy, international, investor community, but lack a global currency that can facilitate multi-million-dollar transactions in multiple countries at the speed of today’s economies. Argyle Coin will fill that need with a global, standard cryptocurrency, that is complemented with a proprietary Wallet, Coin Exchange, and multilateral financing creating an online marketplace to finance, trade, and pay for valuable diamonds utilizing Blockchain technology. Argyle Coin will be the first cryptocurrency specifically designed to facilitate “Smart Contracts” to be used for rapid online trading of fancy colored diamonds. These Smart Contracts will also allow for fractional ownership of particularly expensive diamonds and for recording the current ownership as well as the chain of title or “provenance” of each particular diamond, establishing an unbroken chain of ownership tracing the diamond back to a reputable original source.

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