50 million Lumens awarded for the second Stellar Build Challenge

2017 is off to a great start at Stellar and we are looking forward to an exciting and productive year ahead!

For the first Stellar Build Challenge of 2017 we created a total prize pool of 118 million Lumens to be awarded to top submissions across multiple categories. Entries were judged by a panel of experts from the Stellar community who reviewed each submission for solid craftsmanship and innovation in the Stellar ecosystem. Our esteemed panel of judges reviewed 47 submissions and awarded 50 million Lumens for their favorite projects. With 68 million Lumens left on the table, we hope you’ll find millions of reasons to participate in the next challenge!

The first Build Challenge of 2017 built on the success of our pilot back in October and the results again exceeded our expectations. Below you will find a list of all the entries that met the criteria, with the entries that received the highest marks and Lumen winnings in their category listed first.

The next Build Challenge deadline is 10AM PT on April 15th so don’t miss out on the opportunity to create something innovative for the Stellar ecosystem and win Lumens!



RippleFox Anchor
CNY anchor in China. Allows you to send money to any bank or Alipay account in China.


NaoBTC can help BTC move faster and exchange with other digital assets easier.

VCBear Exchange
VCBear Exchange introduces a virtual currency exchange platform for Japanese Yen.


Garnet is a market-maker bot for the Stellar network. It automatically creates offers on the market depending on its wallets and on market prices.

Stellar Twitter Alerts
Stellar Twitter Alerts allows users to subscribe to notifications of operations on their stellar account.

Stellar Slack Bot
A Slack bot that allows users to query the Stellar network for basic information such as accounts details, balance and transaction details.

Stellar Trade Explorer
Provides information about recent offers from the Stellar network.

Multisig Coordinator
Allows users to easily create and sign multisignature transactions.

Stellar Asset History
A simple web app that displays tables and charts of stellar.org asset history prices.

Gamble with Lumens using a system written using bootstrap and PHP.

Facilitates U.S. anchors’ compliance with BS and AML regulations by providing a webservice that scrubs names against the OFAC’s Specially Designated Nationals List.

Stellar Mailgun Notify
Listen to the Stellar ledger and receive email notifications for activity from a Stellar account.

StellarDesk provides a powerful yet simple way to look into the Stellar network, query data, and make transactions.

Service for WeChat users. Supports Chinese and English. Now includes wallet and blockchain browser features.

Stellar Re-key
Simple web app to re-key or completely move all stellar account assets from one address keypair to another.

Stellar Extended Merge
Merges Stellar accounts that have custom assets and offers.

DearStellar is a Twitter bot that listens to mentions from Stellar users who want their account balances to be checked.

Blockchain Explorer
Stellar network blockchain explorer is a comprehensive blockchain browser. Supports Chinese and English language.

Stellar Key Pair Generator
Generates random key pairs for use with a Stellar account.

Donate and exchange Lumens.


Galactic Talk
The place to discuss everything related to the Stellar platform. Connects banks, payment systems and people.


A forum where people can gather to discuss and learn about Stellar.

Stellar news, community and announcements.

Trading Client

A web based trading client with full ability to interact with the Stellar distributed exchange. It aims to make it easy and safe for users of any skill level to trade on the Stellar network.


Ecliptic is a trading client utilizing the Stellar Distributed Exchange. The service also includes a managed wallet service.


Understanding the Stellar Network
On-going series of tutorials, together with some interactive Python apps.

A community website that focuses on providing information on everything related to Stellar.

Stellar – build a value network
This is a presentation that introduces the advantage of the Stellar network and presents the Stellar Build Challenge.

Stargazer tutorial
A quick step-by-step walkthrough of how to use Stargazer.

Stellar Hub
Short videos explaining specific Stellar subjects.


The Stargazer Wallet is a mobile/desktop wallet for the Stellar payments network.

Luuun is local lumens made easy. Built on Rehive, a platform for launching and managing payment applications, Luuun is a web wallet that supports federation.


Centaurus was the first stellar wallet available on Google Play. It’s a hybrid cross-platform app built on cordova and the ionic framework. And it is completely open source!

Saza Wallet
Saza is a stellar wallet that helps users manage lumens and other assets.

Easy-to use wallet that supports Chinese and English.

Stellar Portal
Stellar Portal is a web application to view and manage stellar accounts.

Lobstr.co is a quick and easy way to store and transfer Lumens. Simple, smooth and secure, it has all what it takes to manage your money wisely.

Stellar pay is a China-based SPA with easy to use fast payments via QR codes.

The eQuid wallet holds eQuid, a complementary currency that is different from other crypto currencies by the way it is injected into the economy.

Runs in Windows and Linux and can support the record query as well as send and receive Lumens. Support in Chinese and English.

Moving Forward

Winners will receive a note from the Foundation regarding receiving their lumens.

Thanks as always to our judges for their time and counsel.

The next round of Build Challenge submissions closes April 15th, don’t miss out!

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