30 million lumens awarded for the third Stellar Build Challenge

The results are in!

Everyone at Stellar.org would like to extend our gratitude to everyone that participated in the third Stellar Build Challenge.

Entries were judged by a panel of experts from the Stellar community who reviewed each submission for solid craftsmanship and innovation in the Stellar ecosystem. For the third Stellar Build Challenge, we have awarded 16 participants with a total of 30.5 million lumens. Below is the breakdown of all the submissions that received awards.

For the next Build Challenge we have a put a more interactive format in place that will allow you to receive feedback and recommendations from Stellar.org and our community before you upload your final submission.

Key dates for next round:
July 15: Announce your project
July 30: Final Submission

You can read all about it here.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create something innovative for the Stellar ecosystem and win lumens!



RippleFox Anchor
CNY anchor in China. Allows you to send money to any bank or Alipay account in China.

Ripple Anchor

NaoBTC can help BTC move faster and exchange with other digital assets easier.


Willet is an easy to use multi-cryptocurrency wallet, allowing you to store, exchange and pay with multiple currencies.


Fed.network is an open federation service for the Stellar network. Fed.network allows you to easily claim and connect an easy-to-remember username (e.g Tom*fed.network) to your account ID to make sending or receiving a payment secure and simple.

NovaWallet is a Slackbot Wallet for Lumens. NovaWallet allows users to check their balance, send lumens (XLM) to any email address or lumens wallet, and on-board new users to the Stellar network.

Lupoex is a lumen powered exchange. On Lupoex, users can search through all Stellar assets, view OLHCV data as well as open orders for any asset pair.

OpenCart Stellar Payment Plugin
The Stellar Payment Plugin is a payment plugin add-on for the OpenCart online store management system with built-in 3rd party escrow.


Galactic Talk
The place to discuss everything related to the Stellar platform. Connects banks, payment systems and people.

Stellar news, community and announcements.

Trading Client

Stellar Desktop Client
For Mac or PC. The Stellar Desktop Client is an open source desktop client. It allows you to encrypt your secret key and store it as a file locally on your computer. Easily trust, send, and trade all within the client.

Trading Client

A web based trading client with full ability to interact with the Stellar distributed exchange. It aims to make it easy and safe for users of any skill level to trade on the Stellar network.


The Stargazer Wallet is a mobile/desktop wallet for the Stellar payments network.


Saza Wallet
Saza is a Stellar wallet that helps users manage lumens and other assets.

Centaurus was the first Stellar wallet available on Google Play. It’s a hybrid cross-platform app built on cordova and the ionic framework. And it is completely open source!

Papayabot is a wallet inside the Telegram messaging app. The Telegram messenger bot allows you to keep, transfer and trade p2p. Currently the bot supports BTC, EUR, USD, RUB.

Ledger.CN Pro Wallet
The Ledger.CN Pro wallet is a Stellar web wallet that supports sending and receiving of lumens, account creation, activation, merge, historical data query, add/remove friends and other operations. Support for both Chinese and English.

Moving Forward

In addition to the more interactive format for the next Stellar Build Challenge, we have also added a brand new category: Issuing ICO or Tokens.

This category is for issuing a novel token, coin, or asset on Stellar. Stellar is built for this! Why people are doing this on other platforms we just don’t understand.

Click here for all the details of the Stellar Build Challenge.

We look forward to seeing what you will create next!

Team Stellar

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